Where to Buy WordPress Photos

Bloggers are constantly in the search for the best stock photos for their webpages. High quality images do not only increase the aesthetics of their blogs, they also help convey the message they want to share. That’s why it is necessary for these creative professionals to find a place where they can get high quality, relevant WordPress photos. Luckily, we just know the place.

PixelRockstar is a stock photo plugin service that provides high quality, cheap stock photos to WordPress. All photos in the library are verified for technical quality and legality status, so they are safe to use in any publication you own. This service is pack-based. WordPress photos are available in various volumes and prices to cover all your creative needs.

Benefits of Using PixelRockstar

  • Access to over 4 million professional images
  • License and apply photos in just a few clicks
  • Launched directly into WordPress
  • Images automatically added to your media library
  • Features SEO-friendly tags
  • Custom Digital License specifically tailored for online publishing

If you are looking for WordPress photos for online publishing use only, this is PixelRockstar is the place to get them. It is a complete service that is made especially for blogging. Images come with the site’s very own Custom Digital License, which allows you to use the images in any publications you directly own. However, this license is for digital use only – meaning you cannot use the images for print.

Pixel pack for 10 images starts at $9, which means one image can cost only $0.90. The Rock pack is priced at $35, giving you 50 images for only $0.70 each. Lastly, the best choice is the Star pack. It allows you to download up to 350 images for only $200.

With PixelRockstar, all you have to do is choose the images that suit your creative needs, add them to your library and post. It is the best place to buy WordPress photos. What are you waiting for? Get high quality photos for as low as $0.57 per image now!


Shutterstock Coupon Codes, Rates And Discounts

As one of the leading stock photo sites, Shutterstock has tens of millions of content to suit the needs of the creative community. Hundreds of thousands of images are even added daily to increase the size of its library. Providing loads of affordable and high quality content, the website has a user-friendly interface with a refined search option. It evens screens its content to provide its consumers with high quality content and nothing less.


Shutterstock values its customers highly. Thus, many buyers, contributors, designers and other creative folks are comfortable using it. The stock photo agency helps in licensing stock content so consumers can use the images, illustrations, and graphics legally. Licensing issues should not be taken lightly. They can cost a fortune. Thus, it is important for consumers to make sure that they are protected.

Shutterstock Rates and Discounts

Shutterstock have different price options. Several of its single purchases only cost less than a dollar. Plus, the website also offers discounts. It also offers an Enhanced License which is a better version of the Standard License. The former allows unlimited features, while the latter is limited. It also nulls many restrictions.

Shutterstock Coupons

Many websites offer Shutterstock coupons like from this link. However, not all of them are affiliated to Shutterstock. Thus, it is important that consumers select the trusted ones. Discounts offered from Shutterstock coupon codes can reach up to 10 percent. Although it does not sound much, imagine how much you can save when you buy a number of single purchases or when you subscribe to longer plans.

Shutterstocklibrary of millions of images, illustrations and graphics is amazing, which makes it a good source of multimedia content needs. The website also offers free photos weekly to its registered members. With this great amount of photos in the library, everyone will surely find the image that best suit their creative needs. Subscribers are given more access to more content, depending on their budget.

Shutterstock also has a user-friendly interface, which is welcoming to users and new designers. Searching for images in the website is easy. It has an organized keyword search to help you find the image you need for your project. It also offers an easier sign up process compared to other stock photo sites. For payments, it also offers great payment options. It accepts all major credit cards.

Many stock photo websites flood the market at the present time. The competition is getting steep, but Shutterstock does not fall behind. In fact, it soars with an improved database search, better search, and high-quality content. All in all, it provides a good impression to potential customers. With Shutterstock coupon codes, getting Shutterstock images has become more affordable.

Pricing and Rebates with Shutterstock Coupon Codes

shutterstock (2) Shutterstock has numerous admirable features and benefits. It has over 80 million high quality royalty-free images, with over 500,000 photos uploaded every week. It offers subscriptions and images on demand for every budget. It also offers one free vector and one free photo every week when you sign up for a free account. In addition, the stock site now features an image editor, and iPad, iPhone and Android apps so you can search wherever you go.

Shutterstock offers premium content at various prices. Of course, you will come across similar images in the free version with other stock sites. That’s why we recommend subscribing to a plan that fits your creative needs and budget. A subscription will maximize your website experience and optimize the efficiency of your creative projects. You can also pay per image, which is a bit costly, but a subscription will save you thousands. While the website offers affordable rates, you will greatly benefit from a Shutterstock coupon code 2016 as well.

Shutterstock Coupons: 15% Off All Subscriptions


How much can you save on every subscription plan with coupons? Actually, you can save a lot. Let us calculate. The monthly subscription costs $249. If you use a coupon on that, you can save as much as $37.35 per subscription. If you subscribe to the yearly image plan, you will be able to save $29.85 every month. If you sum it all up, you can save a much $358.2 per year. That amount of money can go a long way with your creative projects.

Next, you need to learn how to redeem the coupon code.

  1. Choose a Shutterstock subscription.
  2. Proceed by clicking the “Buy Now” button.
  3. Log in your account. If you are not a member, create a free account.
  4. Enter our exclusive Shutterstock coupon code to the coupon code box right below the product you want to purchase.
  5. Click apply to see your savings.
  6. Congratulations! You saved 15% off your image subscription.

Once you have redeemed your coupon for Shutterstock, you will see your savings right away. You can then start downloading the awesome stock photos you will find in the stock site’s library. You may think that 15% is not a big discount, but it really matters – especially on multiple purchases. Thus, we recommend you choose the yearly subscription.

Shutterstock is a great stock photo website. It has millions of stock photos waiting to be explored. You can purchase and download premium quality images without breaking the bank through Shutterstock coupon codes. Just make sure you get them from reliable websites like Many websites are scams, so be sure you are dealing with reputable ones. What are you waiting for? Subscribe to Shutterstock and get your coupons now!