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Although royalty-free (RF) images are growing at a phenomenal rate, rights managed (RM) images continues to be the norm in many industries. Due to a number of advantages it offers, it continues to be the number choice of creative professionals around the world. While RF generally appeals to small players, RM images offer some things than cannot be had with royalty-free. Let us talk about how these two types of photo licenses differ from each other.

Range of Topics

You can find trendy themed photos in the royalty-free arena. Try searching through stock photo websites to verify it. On the other hand, rights managed have much more original content with no duplication abound. The wider range of topics in RM is more appealing to a more discriminating buyer. Thus, RM images are more likely being used in books, magazines and other unique works.

Protection from Reuse

RF images have no limitations on the number of times they can be used. That being said, you can purchase the image, use it in an unlimited number of times, and even share it with others. On the other hand, RM images spell out the particulars including the time, location and way they should be used.

Top Photographers’ Choice

While royalty-free images are of high quality, rights managed images have higher quality. That is because many top photographers sell RM images. Let us put it this way. You are at a restaurant looking for something to eat. There is bologna and there is prime rib. While the former may also satiate you, the latter does so with much more finesse.

RM not Always Expensive

Depending on how you intend to use the image, RM can actually be a less expensive option. The pricing of royalty-free images are generally based on size and resolution. If you are looking to buy an image for single use, you should choose rights managed. It does not only offer a better quality image, it also assures you that you will not find the image in other websites – especially those of your competitors.

Higher Quality

Because of the control they can get on how the images can be used, most top photographers sell their work with RM license. This means you will not see common topics and easy shots with this type of license, compared to its RF counterpart. There are many lower quality images with RF license. But with RM, you do not have to weed out images with lesser quality. RM always have higher quality works, click here for more.

Due to these advantages, it is no wonder that RM images continues to be the norm in many industries. It ensures better quality and exclusivity. It offers protection that you cannot otherwise have with royalty-free images.